Dr. Herbert Consult GmbH - founded in 1998 -  is a Company specialized in serving the Financial Industry in all IT-related areas. We have first class experience in the customization and setup of near-realtime interfaces between different Frontoffice and Backoffice systems (Kondor+,Murex,Panorama Backoffice,Front Arena,Global,Xetra,Eurex...). Irrespective if you like to bridge between different Open- and legacy systems and independent from the transport layer (X25,Corba,SNA,sockets,...) - we will enable you to build the workflow which will keep you ahead from the competitor. We are a virtual company without a fixed based number of employees - but with relations to numerous contractors and specialist in the It-area. So we could staff and help you to bring togehter the right team at the right place, with the willingness to build up new standards in the information technology.


  • Unix Systems (Solaris , Linux, ...)
  • Development languages perl / C++ / Java.
  • Database Technology from the Main Database Supplier.
  • Opensource Customization.
  • Development of individual Front Office solutions.
  • Inhouse Support.
  • Inhouse Training.


Our advantage:

  • We are fast....
  • and reliable....
  • and establish a true partnership a typical win/win situation....